Jonathan Edwards + OneRepublic

Jonathan Edwards compares with the OneRepublic song, “Preacher.” Jonathan was a great preacher that many people looked up to and gathered inspiration from. Also, he was an extremely smart man that went to college at age 13 and graduated from Yale at 17. This showed that Jonathan was a very wise person. In the song “Preacher,” OneRepublic sings about having the courage to do something with your life that will make you happy which relates to the courage Jonathan Edwards had. The song states,” my grandfather was a preacher, he’d talk about life, yeah he was something like a teacher,” which compares to Jonathan being a preacher and giving inspiration to the people and teaching them about God.


Olaudah Equiano and Linkin Park

Olaudah Equiano was kidnapped from his home in West Africa and taken to the coast to be put on a slave ship. Equiano wrote in great detail of his voyage to the new continent. His narrative is comparable to the song “Iridescent” by Linkin Park. In Equiano’s narrative, he writes of the devastation from being aboard the ship. Specifically, he always wished he could change his conditions and how others suffered so much they could no longer bare it. “Iridescent” speaks of feeling alone and not being able to feel hope in life anymore. Both mention the ups and downs of their situations, Equiano’s seem to have a turn for the worse and Linkin Park’s advice is to just let it go.

Edward Taylor Vs. Taylor Swift

Edward Taylor relates to Taylor Swifts “Trouble” because in the song Taylor is saying that the guy she liked was trouble and a player. Edward Taylor is referred to a player quite a few times and doesn’t stick to one women. Taylor is getting played by a guy like Edward. He doesn’t have good intentions for any girl he is with and that relates to her song.

Anne Bradstreet👵🏻 & Drake đź‡¨đź‡¦

Anne Bradstreet was born in Northampton, England. She soley focused on her family and her education. A big part of her love for education was her writing. She was very sincere in her poetic writing. In her poem To My Dear Loving Husband she pours out her emotion about their unity and love. I am comparing this poem to the song “Take Care” by Drake ft. Rihanna. This song speaks about being hurt by others and you’ll always be that one person that will love and take care of them when they’re hurt

Mary Rowlandson And BeyoncĂ©

Mary Rowlandson relates to BeyoncĂ©’s song “I’m a survivor” because Mary was held in captivity for 12 weeks and got out along with her four children. In BeyoncĂ©’s song the lyrics say, “I’m a survivor, I’m not gon give up, I’m gon work harder, keep on survivin” which compares to Mary’s passion to keep working harder to survive and get out of the tough times.

John Winthrop + John Legend

I am comparing John Winthrop to John Legends song “All of Me.” This is because John Winthrop wrote a letter to his wife. In this letter he explained to her how much he loves her, and how he would pretty much do anything for his wife. In the song “All of Me” John Legend is singing about how much he loves a person, which is why I think these two people go well together.

William Bradford + Hozier

William Bradford shows a connection with Hozier “Take Me to Church” Bradford joined a group of Puritan extremists who believed the Church of England was corrupt and wished to separate from it. The group known as the Scrooby Puritan, wanted to make sure the Church of England was purified, and William Bradford helped make this possible. In the song “Take Me to Church,” it mentions the church has no absolutes and he wants to be commanded well. This relates to Bradford wanting to make the church whole.

John Smith + Adam Levine

John Smith’s writing relates to the song Maps by Maroon 5 in different ways. In the reading, John is well described as an egotistic map maker who enjoys adventures. “A map that leads to you” is one line of lyrics in the song that really connects to John Smith himself, in both they’re creating maps that lead to different people as well as places. In the book it also states that John Smith led a group of colonists to this continent, where they landed in Virginia in 1607 and founded Jamestown. Just like in the song Adam Levine sings about finding his way to a certain someone, in this case it would be a girl. John Smith led a group of people to a certain destination.